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Equal parts mindset and strategy plus some reminders to keep the faith. Have you been laid off? Me too. And I had a new job offer in hand 2 weeks later.... let me help you figure out how to do the same.


I'm Niki Woodall.

After working in non-profits and small international organizations in my 20's I got sick and tired of being broke... and tired.

I dedicated myself to deep mindset and personal development work to figure out which direction to go. The process was not easy. In fact, it was quite messy and frustrating. 

I decided to relocate to NYC and kicked off a recruitment career serving education tech companies before landing in FAANG at one of the biggest companies in the world.  

Candidates would always tell me I was more like their career coach than a recruiter. I started to observe trends in top performing candidates that landed offers and became obsessed with sharing what separated them from the rest. 

Now I use my own personal struggles and success to help people just like you pivot with purpose. I’ll show you how to combine mindset work, strategic planning and a little bit of soulful reminders to feel better and yield meaningful results in your job search...

A little more about me...

I no longer have that fear of not “finding” something. My opportunity is waiting - waiting on me to move into it, for me to realize my value and my purpose.  

- Naquita P. Landed Fintech Marketing Executive Role 

Working with Niki has transformed my life in more ways than I can explain. Given her years of experience working as a recruiter and a coach, she knows better than anyone what it takes to land the job and build the right mindset. The coaching programs help you build confidence, find an empowering tribe, and life-long friendships. Her rates are affordable and worth every penny.  

 - Risha J.
FAANG Analyst 

Niki is one of the most generous people I have met (virtually). Besides being a source of career and spiritual inspiration for hundreds if not thousands on linkedin, she is a first class human being and recruiter. She is very easy to speak to and super high empathy.

- Alan, Hired at Meta 

This could be you...

More confidence. Nailing recruiter screens. Negotiating higher packages...  & more. 


How can I help?

1:1 Mindset or Strategy or Mock Interview help

Feeling stuck on which way to go? Know you need help or clarity around your search strategy or mental blocks? Book a session to help get to the bottom of it. Mock interviews are also ESSENTIAL to nailing the REAL interviews... 


3 Session Package at a Discounted Rate

Book 3 sessions at a discounted rate to track progress and stay on track! Can be used for mindset, unblocking, strategy, mocks or more...  Click here to learn more... 


Job Search School online program.

For less than the cost of one coaching session, get access to all my insider tips and 2022 job search fundamentals in my online course Job Search School.




Debunking the real reasons recruiters ghost candidates so that we can avoid it happening again.


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and more... 

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