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Meet Niki


Hi new friend! Nice to meet you. Or should I say nice to meet me. :P Why? I believe I'm you. You are me. We are all the same....

The human experience is peppered with seasons of highs and lows for all of us. No one escapes it.  Sometimes we feel amazing. We achieve goals effortlessly and we LOVE our jobs. We have times for hobbies. We fall in love. We thrive. Other times we feel lost, stuck and very alone. We have chapters of loss, grief and/or heartbreak - sometimes traumatic events are isolated and sometimes it all hits at once.


One year I was traveling the world in a rewarding career with a non-profit org. The next I was struggling to find work, racking up debt, helping my mom who lost her house AND job - Oh and my apartment caught on fire on Christmas Day. As they say, when it rains it pours.

I've been at various "rock bottom" seasons without even knowing it. My mindset work and personal development saved me. I came out on the other side. I reinvented my career and landed at a top tech company many would deem a "dream job." I transformed my relationships and just started FEELING way, way better.

What I really did was this: I embodied the "top performer" that I always knew was inside of me. I believe it's inside ALL of us -  with simple shifts we can go from surviving to thriving. We can take control of our lives. If you don't choose your career, it will choose you. It's usually just ONE decision keeping you away from a whole new life.

My mom passed away suddenly in 2018 - at her version of "rock bottom" and after that, I experienced an intense spiritual journey - and heard a loud calling from God to help others on their journey.... She is and forever will be "my why"..... my philosophy is kind of simple..


My super power is connection.

I connect the dots - could be connecting you to ideas, people, career tracks or new visions. These connections help activate YOUR super powers.

It's a 3-part system for every call, program or course...
Mindset | Job Search Strategy | Soul

See, long-gone are the days where you can just toss around some resumes and get a job. You have to know WHO you are to SELL yourself in the job search process.

MINDSET: This includes figuring out what you want.  You have to confidently believe in yourself. You'll need to rebuke fear and overcome obstacles (most are in the mind) and handle rejection well. These are the things I help with so that you improve as a human WHILE changing careers. It's not just about "getting a job" anymore.

STRATEGY: You'll uncover the components of an effective job search strategy that works with the current economy! I.e. pre-pandemic versus post-pandemic.. things have changed! 


SOUL: My mission is to help restore faith in yourself, faith in the process and faith in a Higher Power because I believe we are never doing it totally alone. 

The goal is to feel good and feel hopeful while you work towards your next opportunity. 

This could be you...
nailing recruiter screens, getting to offers and negotiation higher packages...

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Love Notes from Clients

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Working with Niki has 

transformed my life in more ways than I can explain. Given her years of experience working as a recruiter in top tech and coaching, she knows better than anyone else what it takes to LAND THE JOB and build the right mindset. Be it 1-1 coaching, group coaching mock