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Job searches are stressful.

There's a lot to think about and juggle from applications to networking to scheduling the interviews, prepping and more. 

All the while, there are endless thoughts that you may be doing something wrong... 

-Does my resume really have to be 1 page?
-Is it ATS friendly? 
-What if I haven't made impact? 
-How do I sell myself?
-What am I even qualified to do?

Recruiters and Coaches Angela Buccellato and Niki Woodall have created a comprehensive collaboration package to help job seekers with 3 VERY critical pieces to the job search.

  • First, a Mindset / Strategy Call. If you don't know what you want to do, you'll struggle to know what to convey on paper and in interviews.

  • A Rescue Rescue. Angela's team revamps and rescues your resume so you have a confident and professional asset you can shop around town.

  • A Mock Recruiter Screen with Niki plus feedback.

    This package is a perfect trifecta designed to give you a confidence boost INSIDE and OUT. Your Resume is an OUTER reflection of how you FEEL inside.  

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