Interviewing is rough... for most people... but top performers find it exciting. Top performers are the folks landing the top jobs with what seems like little effort. Truth is, they prepared behind the scenes.

They take changing jobs which can be long and painful and instead get the right support. They are proactive. They do all the mock interviews and prepping with coaches BEFORE the interviews are scheduled. (FACT: Product managers that land at Facebook or Google often do 20 or more mock interviews!)

A top performer's preparation really shows at onsite interviews and they WOW the hiring managers, often landing 2 or more competing offers.

It's time to channel your inner top- performer. I believe we all have one inside of us. Life happens, we get in routines. We forget how we used to hustle for what we wanted. How we REALLY prepared to put our best foot forward.

By working with the right coaches, you can nail your interviews and sell yourself well. Our coaching "Dream Team" that has your back.  We've created this coaching package to get you fully prepped from mindset to mock interviews... so you can cut your search time in half...

Check out this video for more details... 




You Nailed It! Interview Prep Program brings you six 1:1 sessions (and 2 bonus e-courses) featuring a team of dedicated and VERY DIFFERENT coaches. We’ve got the resources, experience and feedback you need to go from job search to new career. We help you focus on the activities and prep that matter... Mindset AND Mocks! 

You Nailed It! Interview Prep Program is for you if..... 


  • You are starting a new job search or stuck in one now for several months or longer with limited or no activity.
  • You haven't interviewed in a while (maybe years) OR you you have bombed your latest rounds. 
  • You get ghosted after recruiter screens or 1st round interviews
  • You feel down in the dumps or super pumped, ready to try a new strategy for your search.
  • You need help figuring out what you want to do next and how to best sell yourself.
  • You have worked with coaches before or you've never worked with any. You know top performers all have coaches... and why work with just 1 when you can have. a team! 

After several weeks of your sessions, you’ll have everything you need to sell yourself effectively in networking on on-the-court real interviews.



A session with one of our mindset coaches  (Niki or Erika, depending on who is best suited to work with your needs!) to discuss mindset musts for a success search and see what roadblocks can get in the way. This module includes:

  • 1:1 session
  • BONUS- Access to Niki's Job Search School course... 10+ hours of tips and advice from mindset, resumes, strategy, interviewing and more (value $499)
  • Regular check-ins.

After this module, you’ll be ready to bust through mindset blocks, keep the faith and tools to stay strong through your search.


Coach Jor

With Coach Jor you'll understand the job seeking market AS a market and learn to apply product management perspective to represent YOU as the best solution to the market need... in other words, help you figure out your unique value proposition. 

Position, represent and explain yourself as to what you do best, what you want to do most, where you have credibility and how it fits into what the market needs. Learn and apply ikigai... based on Jor's extensive time abroad in Japan. 

You'll also understand and apply Jor's 3Whys exercise for any opportunity. It also serves as a way to prep your resume bullets for interview performance. Learn these techniques that you can do to confidently stand above the other candidates.

Create a memorable and impactful UVP (unique value proposition) to differentiate and convey who YOU are and WHY you are the best fit for that focus (product, technology, service) and company. 


Coach Rita

Now what? Build upon the practice you've had with Jor and your mindset coaches to show Rita what. you're made of. This module includes:

  • 2 1:1 mock interviews with Coach Rita
  • Feedback after the interviews (worth gold!) 
  • Regular check-ins


Client testimonial

This client worked with Niki and Jor and landed multiple offers from Amazon to cool startups. 

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Niki Woodall is a Recruiter at Meta (Formerly Facebook) with more than a decade of diverse experience serving non-profits, EdTech companies, start-ups and more. The journey wasn't always an easy one. Before packing her cat in her car and moving to NYC to change careers, Niki cultivated a love affair with mindset and personal development work and overcame her own issues around worthiness and other limiting beliefs. Over the years, candidates would start to confide in her with their deepest fears and life challenges, often saying, "You're more like my coach or therapist than my recruiter." This led Niki to launch a Career Coaching business with a big emphasis on "Mindset work BEFORE the Resume edits."   During this time, she also experienced an apartment fire, the sudden passing of her mom and other real-life events that only strengthened her faith and passion for helping others in new seasons of life. She has coached hundreds of candidates to new jobs in Big Tech, non-profits, healthcare and more.



Jor has over 25 years of experience creating, leading and managing high performing global teams. Ambiguity and challenging technology characterize his experience and achievements.


His journey has been driven by the intersection of two passions: business and technology. On a road less traveled, he went to Japan. In a Japanese technology company, he went from Field Application Engineer  to become a Silicon Valley subsidiary president and member of the company’s board of directors. At one point he concurrently managed two Japanese subsidiaries maintaining a long continuous profitability with one while turning the other around from losses and debt to profitability and no debt. So, he has had plenty of exposure to the full spectrum of the business world, up to corporate governance. 


Jor’s superpower is creating and leading high performing global teams to deliver the difficult and impossible.  His real forte stems from more than 20 years of management experience and 12 years of Crossfitting—enabling companies that want to be dynamically moving from healthy to fit in order to meet and exceed strategic goals


At the end of the day, though, his passion is product management. As an avid sci-fi enthusiast, Jor’s mantra is that the writers of an organization crafting those brand stories are told through the product’s vision. Whether it’s a product, service, experience or company, his focus is bringing user delight and lifetime value to every aspect of product development, marketing and sales.


Comfortable in blending the business world with advancing technology and a focus in developing company cultures and the energetic leaders that lead them to make the intangible tangible.



Rita Carton is a collaborative and passionate leader and coach with more than 25 years of working in a variety of companies with both large and small staff. Her business experience ranges from an entrepreneurial start-up to large for-profit companies.

 As a business executive and current executive career coach, Rita has extensive experience mentoring and coaching internal staff as well as external business people. As a Walt Disney Studios Executive for 16 of those years she hired, coached and mentored her team, teammates, and peers for continuous improvement and advancement.

 Rita’s approach is pragmatic and customized to each particular person. She works with individuals to address what might be holding them back and guides individuals with very practical strategies that include strengthening their personal brand, online presence, and leadership and communication skills.

Her ability to creatively problem-solve, her passion for “Making It Happen”, her boundless energy, contagious enthusiasm, and her genuine desire to help others allow her to work with career professionals through the process of compassionate career transition.

Rita is Board Chair for a local non-profit organization that works with teens from underserved communities and shelter dogs. Rita also is a mentor with a non-profit organization dedicated to helping high school students from under-resourced communities unleash their talent and potential to become not just college graduates but leaders for future generations.

Rita lives in Los Angeles with her husband Stan and dog Elly.






Erika is a boy mom & a bunny mom,  a nature lover and a manifesting minimalist... meaning she lives a minimalist lifestyle, but believes we can use our mindset to create abundance in all areas of our lives. 

She is an NLP certified success coach, certified in meditation and yoga and a lover of learning and trying new things.  She says, "I've tried everything from Ayahuasca to Wim Hof so you don't have to!"

She founded of WOOWOO culture and WOO school which offers courses and programs for busy people who need some help getting out of their own way.

  • Access to Erika's 21 Day "I'm OK" Challenge For Job Seekers (Value $49)



You Nailed It.

This comprehensive program will help you elevate your mindset, your job search strategy and your interview skills. 




  • 6 1:1 sessions - 1 Mindset and 5 mock interviews
  • Access to Niki and Erika's digital job seeker programs - value $549)
  • Followups and regular checkins




  • 6 1:1 sessions - 1 Mindset and 5 mock interviews
  • Access to Niki and Erika's digital job seeker programs - value $549)
  • Followups and regular checkins